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A Wellbeing and Support story

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Lisa Baines lives in Silverdale and has suffered from anxiety and depression for some time. She has even attempted to take her own life on several occasions, the most recent of which happened in December 2016.

The triggers for her worst episodes have included the passing of her mother, the challenging behaviour of her daughter, severe domestic abuse and troubles with debt. She knows the darkness of feeling so desperately depressed that the will to live has burnt out, and of feeling so trapped in life that you go to sleep hoping not to wake up.

Reaching out to Aspire was not easy for Lisa. In fact, her first attempt at doing so hit a bump when her anxiety at the thought of having a stranger in her home became unbearable. Nevertheless, she tried a second time and was visited by Mark, and she says that this was a turning point in her life.

Since then, she has been working with Michelle, who she says has been there for her every step of the way, offering support and advice no matter how tough things got. Her debt problems were resolved by Paul, which was an indescribable relief for her, and Mark has been ever-present in the background, doing his part to support her. Today, Lisa is proud to be living in a lovely home, and attributes her newfound optimism and hope to the support she received from Michelle, Mark and Paul.

Now living debt-free, Lisa is confident and able to cope with the challenges of life - even her daughter’s difficult behaviour! She even went through major surgery and got back on her feet with Michelle offering support whenever she was feeling overwhelmed. It is fantastic to see Lisa thriving today, and deeply humbling to know that she feels the Aspire team has played such an important part in her getting to such a good place.

The support we offered to Lisa is something that we believe should be fundamental to all housing providers. We are grateful to have worked with Lisa, and it fills us with joy when she thanks us for the help and support we offer. Lisa is now filled with vibrant energy, and for us to have helped her in any way makes everything we do worthwhile.

If you need help and advice from our Welbeing and Support team contact us on 01782 635200

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