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Dementia Awareness for Aspire Staff

 Aspire Housing wants staff to be Dementia Aware

We’re training our customers to be Dementia Friends – providing better support and greater awareness in our communities.

More than 100 members of staff at Aspire Housing have taken part in information sessions to learn more about helping people with the condition.

Now the opportunity is being extended to customers and members of the public to improve the understanding and awareness in the community.

Across North Staffordshire, there are 6,000 people with dementia according to the Alzheimer’s Society, and Aspire Housing is working with the charity to increase awareness about the issue.
Wellbeing and Housing Support Team Leader, Patricia is also a Dementia Friends Champion. She said: “Each person with dementia is unique, and everyone’s journey with the condition is different.
“Our attitudes can have a big impact on a person living with dementia, we should always try to be positive and look at the person rather than then dementia.”

Three FREE sessions will take place on Thursday 23rd February at Kent Grove, Cross Street, Chesterton. You will take part in an information session with an option to become a Dementia Friend, followed by a refreshment break with a chance to chat and have a cuppa and then a 45 minute activity (detailed below).

10am – 12noon ‘Singing for the Brain’
2pm – 4pm ‘Singing for the Brain’
6pm – 8pm Dementia Circle Dance (bring something that means something to you)

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