We're pleased to announce we've been given the green light to invest £20 million into building 125 new homes in Newcastle-Under-Lyme. This follows more than two years of public consultation, during which we working closely with customers, residents and local stakeholders to create a vision that will uplift the area. They will be introduced into the Heart of Chesterton, built around a new Older Persons Village with 90 purpose-built apartments and bungalows for affordable rent, and a separate development of 35 family homes for general market sale.

Approved by Newcastle-Under-Lyme Borough Council, the Executive Director of Property at Aspire Housing said:

“Aspire is deeply rooted within the borough as landlord of over 8,000 homes, with 20,000 customers. We’ve got a strong track record of investing over the long term in regeneration of neighbourhoods where the market is unviable for private sector involvement.

“We believe that the proposals provide a comprehensive and well-designed regeneration masterplan that will result in an attractive, desirable and sustainable place – a place of choice and a place that makes a positive contribution to the lives of Chesterton residents. These homes will transform the housing offer within this neighbourhood for generations to come.

“The 78 existing homes to be redeveloped are, for the most part, no longer fit for their purpose. Many of the existing residents have already been fully supported throughout the process of moving to replacement homes in areas of their choice, and a number of residents will move to new homes in the first phase of this scheme.

“We estimate this masterplan will cost nearly £20m and take four to five years to deliver in its entirety, reflecting our patient approach to community investment. Aspire has undertaken a comprehensive community engagement programme in preparing this masterplan. This included four public consultation events over the past two and a half years. Crucially it’s meant the local community has been consulted on and contributed to all the key design stages of this scheme.”

We are excited for our new project, commencing with the first stage early next year (2021).

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