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Chat 2 Aspire Thanks

Thank you for taking part in our biggest customer consultation event ever! During our Chat 2 Aspire event, we spoke to nearly 1600 customers who told us what they thought of us as a landlord, the things we do well and the things we may not do so well. 

We will be using all the information we gathered  to improve our services as well as delivering some new ones. 

Some of the things that we have started working on so far are; 

  • Creating a range of opportunities for you to get involved and work with us to improve our services through our ‘Customer Engagement Commitment’ 
  • Developing our Service Promises based upon what type of landlord you said you wanted us to be, and what you told us was important to you.  
  • Improving the ways in which we provide you with information about the services we provide and what is happening in your local area. 
  • Making ourselves more visible and accessible in the areas in which you live. 

We will be providing more details on these and other improvements as well as publishing further details of the Chat 2 Aspire results soon. 

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