Over recent weeks, our Community Living residential schemes have been full of life, warmth and camaraderie as we came together for a wonderful cause – the Macmillan Cancer Support Charity. But these coffee mornings haven't merely been a chance for our residents to savour coffee and cake; they've been an opportunity to extend help to those in need.Macmillan coffee morning CL events Polaroid (wS1)

We're delighted to shine a spotlight on these charitable events that have been held at Mill Rise, Holborn Place, Porthill Green, and many other Community Living schemes within our localities. These charitable gatherings weren't solely focused on fundraising however; they were about nurturing a sense of togetherness and demonstrating how small acts of kindness can create significant impacts.
The atmosphere at these coffee mornings was heartwarming. Residents, along with their friends and neighbours, congregated, sharing laughter and stories whilst savouring tea, coffee and delightful treats. It was more than just sipping a brew; it was a demonstration and celebration of our community spirit.
We are genuinely moved by the immense generosity and enthusiasm displayed by our residents, and we're thrilled to announce that collectively, we have raised a phenomenal £1,173.61.
Macmillan coffee morning CL events Polaroid (wS-2)Each sip of coffee and every bite of cake has brought us closer to supporting Macmillan in their crucial mission, and your contributions will undoubtedly make a significant difference in the daily lives of those whom Macmillan assist and support daily.
We'd like to thank every resident who joined us, participated, contributed, and played a crucial role in making these events a success. Your heartfelt kindness and dedication to this important cause is sincerely appreciated, and it's not gone unnoticed.
In addition, we would also like to celebrate the hard work of our exceptional staff who have dedicated their time and effort in organising and hosting these extraordinary coffee mornings. Your unwavering commitment and passion truly exemplify the values we hold dear here at Aspire Housing.
As we move forward, let's continue to spread the positive energy and sense of community that these coffee mornings have ignited. Together, we have the power to make significant impacts on the lives of those who truly need it.
Let's keep the spirit of giving alive in our community. Thank you for being an integral part in this wonderful journey!
Here are a few photos from the various events:
Coffee Morning
Macmillan Coffee Morning

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