Frauds and scams aim to illegally obtain money from others without them knowing. These are some of the most dangerous things to encounter online and sadly, up to 4 million people are affected by scams each year in the UK.

NatWest have recently delivered a presentation to our Community Living Advisors in order to raise awareness about Keeping safe from Frauds and Scams.

They provided valuable advice to stop fraudsters:

Take five – to stop fraudsters

  1. Do not panic
  2. Call your bank or the police
  3. Anyone of anyone can be scammed
  4. Fake love stories


One of our attendees said: ‘It was so sad to hear the stories of so many people been scammed out their life savings, even taken to the bank to cash out their savings’.


This presentation showed valuable learning and advice regarding frauds and scams. View it here


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