We always try to encourage our customers to get involved with our organisation, in order to provide them with the opportunity to voice their insight and give feedback for us to act on and therefore improve our services.  


At Aspire Housing, our customers are at the heart of everything that we do. Your feedback is really important to us, so becoming an involved customer will enable you to help improve our services, homes and communities. 

Whether you’ve got a spare half an hour, or a whole day, there are many different ways that you can take part. From short surveys that you can complete in the comfort of your own homes, to regular meetings with other like-minded customers, there are plenty of ways to share your thoughts and feedback! 

OASIS help us to make sure we are improving our services – here's more about them: 


Who are OASIS? 

OASIS stands for Observing Aspire Services and Improving Standards and they are a group of Aspire Housing customers whose role it is to make sure that we are delivering high-quality services, delivering on the commitments that we have made and ensuring that we are hearing and acting upon the customer voice. 


How do they do this? 

OASIS meet regularly to monitor our performance in relation to our landlord Promise. OASIS selected a number of performance indicators that measure how we are doing in relation to the Promises made. If we are failing to meet the standards set out in the measures then OASIS can challenge us on our Promise. 


How do they do that? 

OASIS have a few options available to them. They can choose to add the measure to a watch list and monitor its performance more closely. They can issue a service challenge that asks the service lead to provide details of the actions Aspire are undertaking to improve the service to customers. This challenge will also include an agreed timeframe in which to improve the performance measure. 

OASIS can request service leads attend a meeting to explain underperformance and the actions that are being taken to address this. 

OASIS could commission a customer-led service review, which is an in-depth look into a service area. Customers would review the service and produce a report that details the strengths and areas to improve along with recommendations that Aspire would work towards delivering. 


What else do OASIS do? 

OASIS endorse our customer-facing policies which means once a policy is reviewed or a new one is created, OASIS will want to review whether Aspire has shaped the policy around the views and needs of customers. This is done through a simple pro-forma which details how the customer voice has been used to shape the policy. If satisfied OASIS endorse the policy before it goes for approval. 

They also monitor the actions that have come about through Customer Assessor work or Customer Led Service Reviews to ensure that Aspire are delivering these actions and that they are delivering the intended outcomes.  

OASIS are also involved in reviews of complaints and regulatory assessments.   


Would you like to get involved? Contact us via email at getinvolved@aspirehousing.co.uk or visit our website for additional information > Get Involved

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