Writing a perfect CV is an essential part of any job interview. It’s your chance to make the best first impression possible and the first thing your potential new employer will find out and read about you. Here are 5 tips you must cover to ensure it’s as effective as possible.

Tailor your CV to the vacancy

You can have a CV written out as a template but then make sure you’re able to make small changes to it to suit the job you’re going for. Make sure the CV makes it clear it’s that job that you want and it’s not just a possibility.

Make your words count

Your CV should be punchy and not too wordy. Sticking to the key points, focusing on recent jobs and not rambling can help you to reach this. Focus on getting the attention of recruits as soon as possible.

Double check your CV

It is pivotal that there are no mistakes on your CV as it will, straight away, show lack of care and concentration. Mistakes are a poor reflection of what you’re about and will most likely lead to you being put out of the running for the job.

Presentation counts

You need to make sure that your CV has a professional structure to it by using simple fonts and avoid using different colours. It is also crucial that the use of pictures or graphics is avoided at all costs.

Be positive and confidently state your case

You must show the recruiter what type of person you are and give them no doubt that you are the right person to take on this job. Believing in yourself and making firm statements is always a good sign to a recruiter.


We hope the above has helped you to establish your CV wording, structure, and formality.

If you need more support with your CV or any other career aspects, find out more about Aspire to Work.

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