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Money Advice Case Study

 Money Advice Case Study

Getting finance fit

For many people saving for Christmas is just not an option because their finances are a constant struggle.

Nigel Davies and Zara Durber know that feeling too well.

Nigel, aged 51, said: “We haven’t even thought about Christmas. Managing our money is always tough and every little bit helps.”

The couple are just about managing to make ends meet, but when Zara had her benefits cut things got more serious.

She said: “We feel like we are just getting by, it’s hit us hard.”

Nigel and Zara went along to an Aspire Housing money clinic in Silverdale where they were thrilled to discover they are eligible for a £140 fuel discount.

Aspire Housing’s money advice team also helped them apply for Severn Trent’s Big Difference Scheme, which will save them hundreds of pounds and allow them to put a little bit aside for Christmas.

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