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Repairs and Maintenance Case Study

Repairs and Maintenance Case Study

Going green and saving cash

Aspire Housing customers are benefitting from reduced energy bills thanks to a £1.5m investment in solar panels.

In recent years, nearly 500 homes have been fitted with the energy-saving power sources and householders are reaping the rewards.

The installation programme has generated in excess of £1million kWhs of electricity, with each property saving on average £300 on their energy costs.

Solar energy means a cut in electricity bills for customers, dependent on how the household uses electricity and the size of the installation, even greater savings can be achieved through energy efficiency and behaviour change activities.

The installations have been a direct response to customers calling for help to cut their energy costs.

Red Street resident John Davies, aged 89, said: “I would recommend the panels to other residents, they are out of the way and the equipment is in the loft so it’s not taking up any space in the house.

“My last electricity bill was lower than I expected, and on a sunny day it’s nice to think they are producing energy.”

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