Castle House

Castle House is our self-serve centre, in Newcastle town centre for where you can get help and advice. At Castle House we also host a range of sessions such as Money Advice, Money Smart Families, Rent arrears surgeries and Pre-tenancy training.

Money Advice

Money Advice

At Caslte House we have money advisors that can help you with your money. They can look at and reschedule debt, can guide you through the benefit process and can offer advice about budgeting and savings. To find out when the next Money Advice session is visit our events page.

Castle House - Mouney Smart Families

Money Smart Families

Not an Aspire customer? If you have children under 19, you live in Newcastle and need some help come and see us at one of our drop ins we can provide YOU with the same help as we do our customers.To find out when the next Money Smart Families session is, visit our events page.


Rent Arrears surgery

Rent Arrears Surgery

We host Rent Arrears Surgeries at Caslle House, to make sure you arent Struggling to keep up with your rent payments. If you need help our Income Recovery Advisors are ready for you to join us for a confidential chat. To find out when the next Rent Arears session is visit out events page.

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