Contractor advice

Advice to our suppliers on coronavirus – 22nd October 2020 

The safety and wellbeing of our colleagues and customers is our priority. 

Whilst the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) continues, we’ll regularly update our advice to you, as one of our contractors, based on Government and Public Health England advice. 

Our customers 
It is important that we don’t alarm our customers and that we manage communications and processes by following Government advice on how to stay safe by taking steps to prevent the risk of spreading.  You must contact us if you are considering different methodology to your normal practices so that we can discuss this prior to any implementation. 

Appointment setting 
The contact for your appointment will have been asked these two questions before the appointment was confirmed: 

  1. Are you or anyone in your household self-isolating? 

  2. Have you or anyone in your household been infected with the coronavirus? 

We will only be visiting customers who answer yes to these questions if there is an emergency, i.e. an emergency repair and we have taken advice from Public Health England before a colleague or contractor visits the property.  If the situation turns out not to be an emergency the job will be rescheduled, and no one will be required to carry out the work. 

At the appointment 
You should reconfirm with the customer that their answers are ‘no’ to the following two questions, before entering the property. 

  1. Are you or anyone in your household self-isolating? 

  2. Have you or anyone in your household been infected with the coronavirus? 

Should the customer answer yes to one of the questions, if it is a not an emergency appointment you should let the customer know that because the appointment is not an emergency, that it will be postponed until a future time when the risk of spreading coronavirus has gone. In this case you should encourage the customer to rearrange the appointment once they are well enough. 

Emergency appointments where the customer has been advised to self-isolate or there is a confirmed case of coronavirus 

There are some appointments that must take place even if someone in the property has been advised to self-isolate or has been infected with the coronavirus. However, you will be advised of this beforehand.  You will usually have been told the work is classed as an emergency before you attend and the customer will have been advised on what to do to protect you. 

In this instance you should: 

  1. Enter the property and request that the person who has been advised to self-isolate or is infected with coronavirus stays in a separate room to the one where the appointment is taking place, keeping 2 metres away from the person. Ideally the room that they are in will be well ventilated if possible and they should stay there until you have completed the work. Do not shake hands with the person. 

  2. Ensure you have all the appropriate PPE in place to carry out the appointment safely such as latex gloves and a face mask covering both the mouth and nose. 

  3. You can wear your normal PPE too. 

  4. Wash or sanitise your hands regularly. 

  5. Do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth. 

  6. Avoid touching surfaces within the property where possible. If you touch things with the gloves on then the gloves may have Coronavirus on them. So, you still need to follow the hygiene precautions. 

  7. Clean your work area after the job using disposable wipes and not a cloth/rag that you use repeatedly between washes. 

  8. Wipe down your tools and equipment with the wipes provided once the job is finished and you leave the property. Dispose of the wipes and all PPE into a bag and tie the bag. Remember if you are wearing a dust mask to take it off by removing from the back. The bag can then go into the bin as normal. 

  9. Not touch your nose, eyes and mouth until your hands are cleaned with soap and water or hand sanitiser gel / liquid. 

  10. Ask the customer to open the internal doors for you prior to your arrival so that you don’t have to touch surfaces unnecessarily.  

Greeting people 

We advise minimising contact with people, which means we recommend you don’t shake hands with people/customers you are meeting.  Please reassure customers not to be offended by this; we are recommending this as we believe this will help protect them and yourselves from any potential spread of coronavirus. 

Our guidance 
We are following Government and Public Health England advice, and the latest information can be found here:  


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