Supplier advice

Advice to our suppliers on coronavirus – 16th March 2020

The safety and wellbeing of our colleagues and customers is our priority.

Whilst the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) continues, we’ll regularly update our advice to you, as one of our suppliers, based on Government and Public Health England advice.

Please don’t be offended by our advice below; we are making these changes as we believe this will help protect them and yourselves from any potential spread of coronavirus.

We have advised colleagues that any travel to external companies be postponed unless business critical.

We have recommended to colleagues that they work from home where possible and meetings with external contacts be held as virtual meetings or be postponed unless business critical.

Greeting people
In the event of an essential meeting we have advised our colleagues not to shake hands with people they are meeting. 

All of our events and gatherings of any size have been cancelled or postponed for the next 12 weeks.

Our guidance
We are following Government and Public Health England advice, and the latest information can be found here:


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