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What we normally do & don't approve


  Do What we normally do approve:

  • Water/Smart Meters
  • Shed (unless it is  to be erected within a communal area)
  • Fencing (along Aspire owned boundaries)
  • Satellite Dishes (unless on a flat block or site restriction apply)
  • Internal door replacement

Donts  What we don't normally approve:

  • Any electrical works that will require the main electrical circuits to be altered
  • Any works that will alter the structural integrity of the building
  • Any works that may make the property difficult to re-let in the future
  • Any works that can cause the maintenance of the property to be unduly expensive
  • Parking Spaces on highways
  • Loft conversions
  • Partition wall
  • Any works to elements that may be included in Aspire’s future improvement programmes


You dont need permission If a keysafe is required at your property. Simply, give us a call and let our customer services team know that you will be installing a keysafe and you’re free to complete the work whenever is convenient.


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