The Great Silverdale Get Together


The Great Silverdale Get Together will allow you to give your feedback to Aspire, support your community by getting involved in environmental projects, and gives you an opportunity to get a range of help and advice.

If you are an Aspire Housing resident on the following streets, we will collect 3 items per household for free.

We won't take fridges, TVs, oil and paint, building material, garden waste, general rubbish, gas bottles, microwaves, hazardous waste, and tyres.

Streets inluded are:

  • The Parade
  • Church St
  • The Brighton
  • Vale St
  • Madeley St north
  • Madeley St
  • Ford Street
  • High St
  • Duke Place
  • Victoria St
  • Albert Street
  • Bridge St
  • Newcastle St
  • Chapel St
  • Church St
  • Lichfield Close
  • Park Road
  • Peebles Road
  • Abbey St
  • Farmers Bank
  • Sutton Ave
  • Poole Lane
  • Allman Rd
  • Baxter Croft
  • Bromley Close
  • Bowers Dr
  • Piren Green
  • Pepper St
  • Underwood Rd
  • Coppice Ave
  • Ash Grove
  • Buxton Ave
  • Moffat Way
  • Woodhall Close
  • Malvern Ave                                         
  • Bath Rd
  • Chedder Dr
  • Stretton Rd
  • Tunbridge Rd
  • Peebles Rd
  • Droitwich Close



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