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We have more than 8,500 properties across Newcastle-under-Lyme, Stoke-on-Trent, Stafford and Cheshire, ranging from one-bedroom bungalows to three-bedroom homes, two-bedroom flats and everything in-between.

Our properties are available through a choice-based lettings scheme, meaning you can search for and bid on a home that matches your requirements. We set a high standard for our homes and there are many reasons why you should rent a home from us rather than a private landlord. Our social rents are regulated by the Government so we can't just increase them, giving you peace of mind and security.  

Our homes are advertised through a variety of websites shown below, simply register with the sites which are more suited to your housing need to find your Aspire Housing home.

Where can I register?

  • To find out where to register, simply answer a few questions and we will advise you of the most appropriate websites to create an application with. Click to get started.
* The answers provided are a guideline as to the best websites to register with. In order to move you must have a housing need. This is defined as needing extra bedrooms (where children are unable to share - same sex, eldest must be 16 yrs or over, opposite sex, eldest must be 10 years or over), less bedrooms or a medical need to move (supported with documentation).


Homehunt is the name of the choice-based lettings scheme where 25% of our properties are advertised. You must register with HomeHunt to apply for an Aspire Housing property – it takes approximately 20 minutes. Registering is easy and you have the option to receive email updates when new properties are added.

Homes Direct

Homes Direct

Homes Direct is the choice based lettings service provided by Midland Heart and managed by Newcastle Housing Advice (NHA). Approximately 75% of our properties are available to let through this service and advertised on Homes Direct. You must also register on Homes Direct to apply for an Aspire Housing property.

Home Swapper


You can swap your home using online mutual exchange service, HomeSwapper. The site lets you advertise your property and find someone to swap with, bringing together people from Newcastle-under-Lyme and around the country who wish to move home.

As an Aspire Housing customer, your registration with HomeSwapper is free – once approved, you’ll be able to search and view matches.

Developments coming soon

We are building new homes across Cheshire and Staffordshire that will be available for rent soon. Our stunning new properties feature everything you need to find your own space.

  1. Heathfield Farm


  2. Norton Hall Meadow

    Sorley Thumb

    Norton Canes

  3. Bluebell Green

    Sinclair Thumb

    Holmes Chapel, Cheshire

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Frequently asked questions

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What is a transfer?

If you have been an Aspire Housing tenant for 12 months or more, you may be able to request a move to another Aspire property through HomeHunt – this is known as a transfer.

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