Handy Person referral service


The Handy Person service is a referral service that is carried out on our behalf by PM training. 

1. All new customers.  When you sign for your tenancy you can have up to 2 hours of our handy person service within the first 3 months of moving in.  New customers, please call our Customer Excellence Team to request the service. This gives  you time to move in, decide what you would like doing and to purchase materials.

2. Customers who need help because of medical illness or disability, or because they have no family or friends that can help. We will sometimes extend help to customers if they are struggling with a job that the handy person could carry out. 

Handy Person service restrictions 

  • Materials need to be provided by the customer. 
  • Customers cannot access the service if they are in arrears. 
  • The Handy person, can't do any electrical work or painting of rooms. 
  • Plaining of internal doors - (fire doors cannot be plained - these are usually the internal doors in flats and the enclosed community living schemes.  
  • Changing of light bulbs to electric fires 

The Handy Person can do the following:  


Hanging pictures/mirrors 

Fitting shelving 

Fitting curtain rails 

Decorating advice 

Fitting light bulbs/ lampshades 

Assembling/disassembling furniture 

Fitting shower curtains/towel rails 

Fitting other bathroom accessories 

Installing blinds (no cutting) 

Hanging curtains 

Fitting toilet seats 

Placing items in loft 

Easing stop cocks 

Painting ceilings 

Moving furniture 

Fitting draught excluders 

Fitting window locks 

Laying small carpets 

Removing small rubbish/furniture items 

Painting timber gates and fencing 

Fitting hanging baskets 

Fitting door handles and other door accessories i.e. wireless doorbell 

Cleaning paths 

Lifting old carpets 

Installing washing posts/lines 

Packing/unpacking boxes 

Fitting sink plugs 

Installing bathroom cabinets 

Help to set heating programme/timer 

Assembling small shed/bunker 

Fitting shower panels 

Re-fixing carpets 

Unblocking sinks (U bends) 

Connecting washing machines 

Flushing unused outlets of empty properties in Community Living 

Identify and replace faulty lighting on Community Living schemes 

Undertake weekly emergency light testing and flushing of unused outlets at Mill Rise 



Contact your Neighbourhood Coordinator or our Customer Excellence team on how to be referred or more information.


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