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  1. How do I apply for a garage?

    You must be aged 17 or over to apply, and garages must be used for the storage of private motor vehicles only. To apply simply click on the link below to complete the application form.

    Once your application has been received, garages will be allocated on a first come first served basis, with priority provided to people with a registered disability and those who live in an Aspire Housing property should there be multiple applications for individual sites.

    Garage application form

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  2. How do I report ASB (Anti-social behaviour)?

    You can report anti-social behaviour online using our online form or simply call us in confidence.

    Please report criminal behaviour, including threats or acts of violence, to the Police by calling 999.

    Examples of antisocial behaviour include:

    • fights and arguments in the street
    • dog fouling or excessive barking
    • overgrown and untidy gardens, dumped rubbish, lack of care for home
    • theft and other crimes
    • drug and alcohol abuse and drug dealing
    • problems with car parking
    • vandalism and graffiti
    • abusive or threatening behaviour and language
    • loud or frequent noise disturbance
    • bad or thoughtless parking
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  3. When are your Great Get Together events?

    Our Great Get Together events bring the whole community working with local partners to provide access to services and advice. For more information about our upcoming events please visit our events page.

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  4. How do you tackle ASB (Anti-social behaviour) ?

    We utilise a variety of actions to resolve incidents promptly and effectively, often working in conjunction with partners and specialist agencies, our actions may include:

    • written or verbal warnings
    • Acceptable Behaviour Contracts (ABCs)
    • professional mediation
    • Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOs)
    • notice seeking possession
    • professional witnesses
    • eviction
    • specialist in-house solicitor
    • rubbish and graffiti removal
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  5. Who is my Neighbourhood Coordinator?

    Simply login to your account to see who your Neighbourhood Coordinator is and to get in touch with them.

    Login to My account

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  6. Can you help to clear / tidy away leaves?

    Unfortunately, we do not offer this service. 

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  7. Who do I talk to about a nuisance neighbour?

    Sometimes speaking to a neighbour about something that causes you concern can solve the problem.

    Many people would prefer a conversation with their neighbour to receiving potential action from their landlord – and good neighbourhoods thrive through talking.

    However, we are committed to tackling issues relating to anti-social behaviour, harassment and neighbourhood nuisance, so if you need to talk to us, you can expect us to keep your report confidential.

    We will ask for as much information as you can give so that we can fully investigate.

    Contact us to speak with your neighbourhood coordinator.

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  8. When are your neighbourhood walkabouts?

    Our neighbourhood walkabouts provide an opportunity to look at issues around where you live with your neighbourhood coordinator. For more information on when your next walkabout is, please visit our events page. 

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