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Aspire Housing continues to invest heavily across Staffordshire and Cheshire and we are keen to continue to work with developers, landowners, agents and key stakeholder partners to deliver our growth strategy.

In our current business plan Aspire Housing is committed to delivering over £150m of new and redeveloped homes, equating to an average of 350 homes a year. We are keen to maintain and develop strong partnerships that will deliver:

  • 106 opportunities (Rent and Shared Ownership)
  • Open Market Build and Sales
  • Land acquisitions
  • Regeneration Programmes and Activities

We are eager to explore opportunities and a member of our New Business Team would be more than happy to discuss these with you.

  1. Graham Nolan

    Senior Land and Partnership Manager

  2. Laura Jones-Campbell

    Business Development Officer

  3. Rachel Holdcroft

    Trainee Development Assistant

Total results: 3

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