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What repairs and maintenance are Aspire responsible for in my home?

Structure of building and exterior of property;

  • Foundations, Roof, Outside walls
  • External decoration, External doors, frames, jambs, thresholds, fasteners / locks (except where lock replacement is required as a result of the customer locking themselves out), necessary painting
  • External windows, including sills, frames, catches, window fasteners / locks, sash cords, glazing putties, failed double glazing units, necessary painting (smashed glass will only be replaced if it is as a result of a crime and there is a crime reference number)
  • Internal walls, Skirting boards, Ceilings and plasterwork (excluding minor cracks, painting and decorating)
  • Internal doors, frames, jambs, fasteners (excluding painting), Post boxes (in blocks of flats only), Floors (but not floor coverings)

Gas, water and electricity

We are responsible for repairing all leaks and for the installation, maintenance and repairs of utilities including, the supply of water, gas and electricity. This includes:

  • Basins, Sinks, Baths, Toilets
  • Showers (including riser rails and shower curtain rails), Flushing systems and waste pipes, Taps and washers
  • Electrical wiring, Gas and water pipes, Stop taps, Water and space heaters

Fireplaces, Fitted fires, Sockets, Light fittings including sealed units and fluorescent tubes (excluding bulbs)

  1. Repairs and maintenance

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