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If you need a repair in your home, our in-house team - Our maintenance team, ensure you are up and running as soon as possible with no fuss meaning you can get on with your day.

Whether it is a leak, an adaptation, or an electrical fix, our professional and experienced engineers are high performing and provide great value for money.

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When you need help in an emergency, we'll be there. Our team ensure that emergency repairs are made safe within four hours giving you peace of mind.

We know it can turn your world upside down if your bathroom is leaking, you have no heating or no power. Our multi-trade engineers are trained to deal with every situation to get your home back up and running. 

How to guides

How to guides

How to guides

Ever wondered the best way to bleed a radiator or re-pressurise your boiler? Our handy guides will help you solve those DIY jobs around your home with no fuss.

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You can report a repair online, choose an appointment time to suit you and even read our FAQs to help you diagnose. Simply log in to My account to report a repair.

* appointment times on selected repairs only.

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Frequently asked questions


Repairs and maintenance

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  1. What is an emergency repair?

    An emergency repair is considered to be any fault which carries the risk of immediate injury or health risk to people or major damage to property.

    An example of this could be a gas leak, a very heavy water leak (for example, the leak would fill a bucket or bowl in minutes).

    We aim to deal with emergency repairs within 4 hours by either making safe or fixing.

    It is important that if you consider your repair to be an emergency please don’t hesitate and call us on our 24/7 emergency line on 01782 635200.

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  2. What am I responsible for repairing and maintaining in my home?

    • Keeping the inside of your home clean and in good condition
    • Keeping gardens and communal areas clean and tidy. This includes maintaining grass, plants and tree branches within the property boundaries so as not to cause a nuisance to other customers
    • Undertaking minor repairs
    • Avoiding doing anything which may result in blockages to pipes and drains (e.g. disposing of fat, oil, sanitary products, nappies etc. down toilets or in sinks)
    • Using fixtures and fittings for the purpose for which they were intended (e.g. not using worktops as chopping boards etc)
    • Replacing/repairing toilet seats if broken or damaged
    • Replacing or repairing door bells if damaged or broken (unless a door entry system)
    • Replacing or repairing shower heads
    • Replacing light bulbs (unless in communal areas)
    • Taking responsibility for internal and external pest control, including vermin removal (rats or mice in the dwelling), wasp/bees nests and de-infestation.
    • Making lifestyle changes necessary to resolve instances of condensation such as not drying washing indoors or leaving extractor fans switched off. Where condensation is the likely cause of any reported dampness, Aspire will advise tenants of the action they need to take to deal with the problem and prevent further incidences
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  3. What is a non-emergency repair?

    Non-emergency repairs are things you can reasonably live with for a short time without immediate risk to your safety, security or health, for example, an internal door repair, a loose or damaged switch or socket, or plastering.

    Non-emergency repairs will be carried out within 8 - 12 working days.  Please be aware that these timescales may need to be extended due to the nature of certain repairs.

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  4. What does an emergency repair include?

    • No power to the property
    • Gas leaks
    • No heating completely (1 November to 31 March only)
    • Blocked toilet  (you could be charged if the reason for toilet being blocked is due to nappies or other inappropriate materials having been flushed down them)
    • Water leaks – depending on severity
    • Property not secure due to damage to ground floor windows, making them easily accessible or an insecure external door
    • Tenant cannot gain access to the property due to lost keys (customers will be charged for or for the costs of lock replacement due to lost keys)
    • Fire alarm or smoke detector failure
    • Lifts not working
    • Communal lighting not working in flatted blocks

    If you have an emergency repair call our 24/7 line on 01782 635200

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  5. Can I have new window keys?

    Please login to My account and report this as a repair. If you are already logged in click here to report a repair.

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