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Am I eligible for Right To Buy (RTB) ?

Who is eligible?

You may have the Right To Buy if you were a tenant with Newcastle Borough Council prior to 1st February 2000 and have remained a tenant with Aspire Housing since this time.  If there have been any breaks in your tenancy since the 1st February 2000 then you may not be eligible.

Please contact Aspire Housing to request an application pack and to discuss in more detail the requirements needed to support each application.

Please be advised, we do not accept any applications through the post or hand-delivered as they will be returned as not followed the correct application process.

You are not able to exercise the RTB if:

  • the courts have issued a possession order for you to leave your home

  • you are undergoing bankruptcy proceedings

  • you live in housing specially provided for older people and (in certain cases) disabled people

N.B. This is not an extensive list and other property exclusions may apply

The discount offered to you is dependent on your tenancy length and maximum regional discounts set by the Government.

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