Openness and transparency

At Aspire Housing, we’re committed to accounting for our actions and performance in an open and transparent manner. This commitment is to our customers, local communities, regulators and other stakeholders. Being transparent means we are open and honest with you. We publish important information about our performance and how we are governed in a clear and open way to allow anyone who has an interest in our work to find out about the services we provide, our effectiveness and can scrutinise how we work. This helps us improve how we do things but also means you can be confident we’re running our business the right way.

Below, you will find the links to important information about our performance and governance. 

Our commitment to openness and transparency

  • We are committed to being accountable to our customers 
  • We will provide meaningful information about our performance and how we are governed  
  • We will provide information in a clear, simple and accessible way on our website and in other formats if required
  • We will meet any requirements as set out by law and our Regulators
  • We will respond to any requests for information in an open and timely manner 

Key policies

We publish details of all of the services we provide to customers and how they can be accessed. We have a range of policies which set out the principles and procedures we follow, agreed by our Executive team and board of directors. Key policies, including our policies on rents, repairs and allocations are published on our website 

We have adopted the National Housing Federation’s (NHF) Code of Governance 2020. We undertake an annual review of our compliance with this code and publish a statement of compliance in our Financial Statements.

What we spend

We publish annual Financial Statements which show how we are performing financially and what we are spending and saving. The Financial Statements show a year in review at Aspire Housing and outline a range of information including: 

  • Our strategic report 
  • Key risks and uncertainties 
  • Our strategic approach to Value for Money (VFM) 
  • Our income and expenditure  
  • Annual report to the board
  • Independent auditors report 

Access our current and previous financial infomation from previous years.

In line with our partnership with Homes England, we are happy to publish details of what we invest in development and with whom we have worked. The list contains all details of spend over £500 on development in the past quarter.


Aspire Housing is governed by a board who are responsible for setting our overall strategy, controlling risk and having oversight of the effective delivery of services.  

Achieve Training is a subsidiary company and is governed by its own board.  

Board members bring a wealth of experience and diverse skills to Aspire Housing and ensure effective governance. Our Board diversity data and commitments to Board EDI are outlined in our Board EDI Strategy.

The boards are supported by two committees: 

  • Audit and Risk Committee  
  • Nominations and Remunerations Committee 

Our Executive Team is led by Sinéad Butters MBE, Group Chief Executive, who is supported by five Executive Directors.  

Meet our Executive Team and Board members and find out more.


Priorities and performance

We are committed to providing our customers with key information around our performance and priorities in an open and accessible format.

Our Corporate Strategy outlines our key values, ambitions and priorities between 2019 and 2024. Our strategy is to maximise the social and economic impact of all parts of the group, to ensure our communities prosper. Find out more by reading our Corporate Strategy.

We report annually to customers on our performance against regulatory standards. View our current and previous Annual Reports.

We recently created Our Promise to our customers to clearly set out what they can expect from us. Our Promise was created with our customers; based on customer feedback and crafted with our involved customers to ensure it is clear and transparent. Under Our Promise are our ‘5 people first principles’, that guarantee the best service for our customers.

The Housing Ombudsman published a Complaints Handling Code in July 2020, setting out good practice to help landlords respond to complaints effectively and fairly. We are required to publish a self-assessment against the Code’s key complaint handling principles. We intend to publish our self-assessment annually. The self-assessment is completed by an internal complaints panel, led by the Executive Director of Customer Experience. It is reviewed with Aspire’s customer group OASIS and approved by the Aspire Housing Board.

Our complaints process

We value our customer's feedback on our services, whether it be a comment, compliment or complaint.

You can easily submit this using our online form.