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Aspire Housing Apprenticeships

Through our training provider, PM Training, we help more than 1,500 young people into apprenticeships every year. 

With over 25 apprenticeship vacancies each month, we’ll get you work-ready with all the key skills employers want to see. Working with over 1,200 local businesses, we’ll find you the right employer and the right job.

Employment and Skills - Job Clubs

Our free job clubs can help you to gain the skills, experience and confidence you need to find a job.

Held at various locations across the area, our advisors are on-hand to help you as little or as much as you need. Even if you're not an Aspire Housing customer, our employment and skills team can still support you in gaining employment.

View upcoming job clubs in your area

Employment and Skills - Employment Support

The support our advisors provide is tailored to you. We can help if you've recently lost your job, been unemployed for some time or have never worked.

Our support includes everything from CV writing and confidence building to searching for jobs online, acessing work experience, and acquiring new skills and training. We're on hand for as little or as much help as you need.

Case studies

Experience boosted confidence

Single dad, Wayne Stokes, aged 28, has never had a real job.

He hated living off benefits and having no purpose in life so he asked for help. Now he works as a cook at KFC. He said: “As I got older I realised I just couldn’t live off benefits any longer. I had no money in my pocket, I had nowhere to go and nothing to do."

Wayne, from Cross Heath, got in touch with Aspire Housing’s Employment and Skills team and they helped him with job searching, CV writing, training and got him a bicycle to get to courses.

Looking back, Wayne knows that’s when things started to change. He said: “The work experience boosted my confidence and gave me a fantastic reference. I’m sure that’s what helped me get the job at KFC."

“You have to be patient, when people say something will come along, you have to believe it can happen.”

Frequently asked questions


Employment support

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  1. Can you support me with learning or careers?

    Yes. Our employment and skills team can support you in accessing training and work experience, and to gain employment. Our dedicated advisors tailor support to you, spending as little or as much time working with you as you need. Support includes:

    • CV writing
    • Confidence building
    • Job searching
    • Work experience
    • New skills and training

    Visit the employment and skills page for more details

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  2. Do you have any job vacancies?

    You can view our current vacancies here.

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  3. Do you run any job clubs I could attend?

    Through PM Training, our employment and skills team provide weekly job club sessions at various locations to support people into work helping with CV writing, job searches and how to overcome barriers to employment. View our events page to find your nearest job club.

    View events

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  4. I'm not an Aspire Housing customer, can you still help me to find work?

    Yes. Our PM Training employment and skills team supports local people through a number of different work programmes which can help you find employment and training opportunities. Find out more about employment and skills here

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  5. Can you help me to find a job?

    Yes. Our employment and skills team run a number of Job Clubs in the area on a weekly basis and are on-hand to help with:

    • Job searching
    • CV writing
    • Job applications
    • Interview preparation

    Our laptops and internet are free to use and no appointment is necessary.

    View our events page to find your nearest job club.

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