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At Aspire Housing, our customers are at the heart of everything that we do. Your feedback is really important to us, so becoming an involved customer will enable you to help improve our services, homes and communities.

Whether you’ve got a spare half an hour, or a whole day, there are many different ways that you can take part. From short surveys that you can complete in the comfort of your own homes, to regular meetings with other like-minded customers, there are plenty of ways to share your thoughts and feedback!

More Information

Who can get involved?

Any of our customers can get involved!

Why should I get involved?

If you are passionate about your home, community, and meeting new people, why not have your say? We will use your feedback to improve our services and make changes based on our customers' views.

What support will we offer?

We will support you with developing the skills and confidence to take part in your chosen engagement method, as well as covering the costs of child/adult care and transport for you to attend meetings if needed.

How much time does it take?

This depends on the method you chose to get involved in! Surveys can take 10 minutes, and some meetings can last up to two hours. It's up to you!

I want to get involved, but I can't attend meetings...

No problem! You can take part by completing our online surveys. The surveys will take anywhere from 5 – 15 minutes, and can be completed from your home at a time that suits you. We will email you a link to complete the survey, so all you need is internet access and a device!

Alternatively, you can join meetings from your own home via Zoom! All involved customers will have the option to attend a meeting in person, or virtually through a video call.

I want to be involved out and about in the community...

Great! Sounds like you might enjoy our Customer Assessor Programme.

The Assessor Programme enables customers to carry out real-time tests on our services, including Customer Services, Estate Services and Ready-to-let Properties. You would then feedback on your findings to us so that we can pass these on the service area managers to make any improvements.

You may have some ideas on how to better your local area, we can support you in establishing community groups or you could join us on one of our estate walkabouts!

I want to get involved, but I can only attend meetings every now and then...

If you’d like to take part and have your say but don’t have the time to regularly attend meetings, why not take part in our Customer Focus Groups? This will be a one-off meeting to discuss a specific topic or issue where we will gain feedback and implement changes. We will then update you on what we have done without you needing to attend further meetings. You can join these groups as often as suits you!

If you have a little extra free time, why not join one of our project groups? This is similar as it will be focused on a specific topic, but it will run over 2-3 meetings.

I want to be regularly involved and attend meetings...

Great! There are lots of different options for you to get involved. Why not join our Challenge Group, OASIS? OASIS stands for Observing Aspire Services, Improving Standards. OASIS meets regularly to monitor Aspire’s customer promises and monitor performance against the measures in place.

Our engagement

Want to get involved? View our engagement options and how to take part. 

From surveys to communications groups, to estate visits - this is a great opportunity to be involved and make a difference in the community.


How are we doing?

Your feedback and happiness are very important to us, and they are what our promise to you is built around.

We have listened to what you told us makes a great landlord and built Our Promise from this to make sure we focus on what matters most to you.

Our Engagement Commitment is to always listen and hear your views.

Join us today!

Your feedback is really important to us, so becoming an involved customer will allow you to help improve our services, homes and communities.

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