At Aspire Housing, safety is our top priority and ensuring everyone is practising this to the best of their ability. So, we decided to celebrate our safety footprint in honour of maintenance Health and Safety week by having all trade operatives arrive at their allotted appointments in order to keep in line with Covid-19 guidelines set by the Government to stay safe over three days and ensure: 

  • All ladders were inspected and labelled to ensure that they were not damaged and were safe to use
  • First Aid kits were checked to ensure the correct items were available and in-date
  • All fire extinguishers where tested and labelled by our external experts (3 Counties)
  • All electrical tools and battery chargers were PAT tested
  • PPE storage bags issued and all PPE (personal protective equipment) including RPE (respiratory protective equipment) checked. 

Here are some of our hard working team at Health and Safety week.

These events require a lot of thought, attention to detail, organisation and a considerable amount of time commitment. We’re very pleased with what was achieved and, even during a pandemic, the team found the time and resources to organise and deliver this event to keep all our colleagues safe, replace equipment where needed and while all this was going on make time to talk about any safety, health or wellbeing concerns with their colleagues. Safety is key for any business, making sure employees, staff, customers, and others are fully protected and at no risk whatsoever.  

Our team hard at work.

We’ve been working hard at applying regulations to the workplace so that everyone can follow government guidance and more pleased to have continued to be able to service our residents. This is a hard time for everyone, but we have followed this all through the pandemic and continue to do so.


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