Aspiring for a Greener Future

We’re delighted to publish our first Sustainability Strategy. It’s an evolutionary blueprint for ensuring a sustainable future for our business, our homes, our people and our communities. 

Although our homes are the biggest emitter of carbon and will require significant investment to achieve net zero by 2050, this framework applies across the group to direct the way we operate and who we will work with going forward. Environmental Sustainability will be at the heart of our decision-making, recognising that we face a climate emergency and that the time to take action is now. We want our residents, learners and colleagues to see the impact we are having on reducing our emissions and creating a more sustainable place to work, learn and live. 

Sustainability and Healthy lifestyles

Are you looking for ways to save energy and money at home? Aspire Housing has got you covered. We have a range of resources and services that can help you make your home more comfortable and eco-friendly.

Whether you need free advice, support, or tools, we have something for you. You can also learn how to travel greener, garden smarter, and recycle better with us. Join us in living a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle today. Click through to find out more

Do you want to stay warm, stay well, and save money on your household bills? If so, you might benefit from the help of Green Doctor.

Green Doctor are energy experts who can provide you with free, impartial advice and support on how to save energy, reduce your bills, and live in a warmer, more comfortable home. They can also help you access grants, discounts, and other schemes that can help you improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Whether you need help with insulation, heating, lighting, appliances, or water usage, Green Doctor can help you find the best solutions for your needs.

You can refer yourself or someone else to the Green Doctor service by clicking the button below. 

Sustainable resources

We're committed to sustainability, and it's a fundamental part of our values. To reduce our environmental impact and promote eco-friendliness, we've chosen to limit printing. As a result, we've made our valuable resources available for download directly from our website.

One of these important resources is the Healthy Homes Handbook, a comprehensive guide that offers top tips for residents on managing condensation and maintaining a healthy home.

By offering this resource for download, we're not only assisting our residents but also taking a step towards a more sustainable approach. You can find the download link right here.

Sustainability WWAN 2023


Measuring our environmental impact

SHIFT stands for Sustainable Homes Index For Tomorrow and is an assessment which calculates how well a business is doing around environmental factor. For 2022, we have gained a silver accreditation, proving that we have made significant progress since our original bronze accreditation.

SHIFT covers the full range of environmental impacts across 21 criteria, including carbon dioxide emissions, water use, landfill waste, biodiversity, and response to climate change risks. This ensures we have a complete understanding of the changes you can make to reduce the organisation's environmental impact and improve it's sustainability standards.


The areas of a business that SHIFT covers are:
  • Existing properties - assessing the sustainability of existing asset management.
  • New build standards - benchmarking the standard to which an organisation builds new properties.
  • Leadership and strategy - demonstrating an organisational commitment to sustainability.
  • Supply chain - looking at our biggest suppliers.

We are constantly finding new ways to improve and achieve our ultimate goal, to reach net zero by 2050.

The race is on.

Our SHIFT report