We are dedicated to ensuring your safety 

We take every reasonable step to protect you and communicate effectively about safety in your home, but we also ask you to be aware of what you can do to stay safe.

Fire Safety

We are committed to keeping our customers safe, so we have a staying safe policy and useful information also provided here on our website to ensure this. 

Gas Safety

We prioritise the safety of our customers, and ensuring gas safety in your home and environment is very important.

We make sure to keep our homes safe and support customers however we can with this, whether that’s through annual safety checks, or offering advice. 


Abestos is a naturally occurring mineral that may be found in wall panels, floor tiles and more. It’s nothing to worry about but if disturbed, it can cause issues for your health.

You can find out more advice on asbestos in our leaflet below.

Condensation, Damp and  Mould

Damp and condensation in your home can cause mould to grow, and needs to be avoided. Find out more about exactly what it is, identifying what type of dampness and mould you may have in your home, and how to control and prevent it.

Making your water safe

Legionella bacteria can grow in water systems where water has been left standing (stagnation). Your taps and showerheads can pass this disease onto you.

Find out how to make sure your water is safe.

Electrical Safety

Aspire strives to ensure that the safety and quality of electrical installations across our properties is maintained and compliant with all regulations.

Our Policies

We have a range of policies that set out the principles and procedures we follow, and cover Asbestos, Fire Safety, Water Hygiene and more.

Aspire Life

We have lots of blogs that talk about Fire Safety, Damp and Mould and many more useful topics.

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