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Locality Working

Our new approach to delivering services

"At Aspire, we have been working hard on changing the way we deliver our services to our customers. Following feedback from Chat 2 Aspire, we have developed a new approach to working within our communities and have recently introduced a more customer-centric service that really puts our customers at the heart of everything we do. 

Our new locality model sees the introduction of a brand-new role, which we are calling a Locality Coordinator. The focus for this role will be to build strong relationships with our customers, focusing on what people can do, what they bring to their community and how they can make the most of their talents.  

Our Locality Coordinators will be that ‘one person up the garden path’ spending a lot of their time in our communities, speaking to our customers, and tailoring their approach to meet their needs. We want our customers and communities to thrive, and we see our new model as the springboard to achieve this."

- James Fullford, Head of NeighbourhoodsJon D Graphic

Find Your Locality Coordinator


Infographic - Localities (combined)



What matters most to you?

(Some key examples from Chat 2 Aspire)
  • Friendly neighbours
  • Being close to shops and your town centre
  • Being digitally connected
  • Access to clean and litter-free green spaces
  • Safe neighbourhoods
  • Seeing your Locality Coordinator in your community
  • Access to education
  • Access to repairs and regular updates
  • Events and activities for children and young people to access
  • Being involved in helping to improve your services and communities

Meet your Locality Coordinator

Reach out to your Locality Coordinator

When it comes to your home, we understand that not everything can be done over the phone or online. Your Locality Coordinator is here to help you and your neighbours when you need it.

North West Localities

Locality Manager:
Natalie Noone
Senior Coordinator:
Jennie Haque

Localities & Locality Coordinators: 
Kidsgrove, Mowcop & Newchapel.
Michelle Padmos
Talke Pits.
Sharon Plant
Butt Lane & Talke.
Kelly Colclough
Alsager, Crewe, Haslington, Holmes Chapel, Middlewich, Moulton, Nantwich, Sandbach, Shavington, Willaston, Winsford, Wistaston.
Lynsey Whittingham
Alsagers Bank, Audley, Bignall End, Congleton, Halmerend, Miles Green, Poynton, Stockport, Wilmslow, Wood Lane.
Michelle Bourne

North East Localities

Locality Manager:
Natalie Noone
Senior Coordinator:
Mick Wright: Areas of Bradwell & Wolstanton.

Localities & Locality Coordinators: 
Dave Poxton
Neil Reeves
Toni Starkey
Marsh Court & Porthill, Maybank, Milehouse (Upper & Lower), Wilmot Drive, Wolstanton.
Amy Jones
Aids and Adaptations Coordinator.
Ronni Bryan:

Kidsgrove Neighbourhood Plans

Our neighbourhood plan for Kidsgrove prioritises the needs of the community and outlines our collaborative efforts to bring positive change. Download our Neighbourhood brochure to read more.

Chesterton Neighbourhood Plans

Explore our brochure highlighting our Chesterton and Crackley neighbourhood plan for positive community change. Download now to learn more.

Central Localities

Locality Manager:
Sarah Oliver
Senior Coordinator:
Louise Parton

Localities & Locality Coordinators: 
Cross Heath.
Katie Wakefield
Michael Fletcher
Nicola McMillan:
Hempstalls, Hart Court and Cheadle
Jo Wheeler
Madeley, Batley,  Keele, Ashley, Market Drayton,  Stafford,  Penkridge and Norton Cross
Marian Payne

South Localities

Locality Manager:
Sarah Oliver
Senior Coordinator:
Liz Darlington

Localities & Locality Coordinators: 
Clayton (North).
Donna Morgan
Clayton (South), Blurton and Stoke
Lee Flackett
Newcastle Town Centre North, Poolfields and Norton
Bradley Dunning
Newcaslte Town Centre South, Thistleberry and Westlands.
Simon Robinson

Cross Heath Neighbourhood Plans

Download our Neighbourhood brochure to learn how our Knutton and Cross Heath plan prioritises community needs and drives positive change.

Newcastle Town Neighbourhood Plans

Discover our community-focused Newcastle Town neighbourhood plan, outlining our collaborative efforts to address local needs and drive positive change. Download our brochure to read more.
Locality Advisor: Djuma Camarasupports all four localities (North West, North East, Central and South)

Community Living Advisors

Here are our advisors who look after our Community Living scheme residents. You can find more information on our Community Living schemes for over 55's here, as well as other wellbeing and housing support we provide.


North Team

Locality Manager:
Julie Topham

South Team

Locality Manager:
Bernie O-Grady



Community Living Schemes & Advisors: 

Durber Close: Ana Barton
Earls Court: Andrew Davis
Falkirk Grange: Diana Whittington
Highfield Grange: Lee Matthews
Holborn Place: Sharon Battiste and Jackie Kerrigan 
Hollins Grange: Lee Matthews
Hollinwood Close: Rachel Latham
Kent Grove: Ana Barton
Kimberley Grange: Sharon Battiste and Jackie Kerrigan
Mill Rise: Kim Denson
Park Road: Joanna Jardine-Dancocks
Porthill Green: Lee Matthews
St. Pauls: Joanna Jardine-Dancocks
The Meadows: Andrew Davis

Anti-Social Behaviour

You may spot ASB in your area, and it is important to raise concerns to us if this is the case. Find out more about what ASB exactly is, examples to highlight it and how to tackle it.