Chat 2 Aspire gives an opportunity to directly communicate and consult with our valued customers about the things that really matter to them. We listened to their thoughts, ideas, and insight on our services and how we can improve them. 

In December 2021, we successfully engaged with 25% of customers living in our homes through online surveys and a paper alternative for our non-digitally enabled customers. A total of 2,261 responses were received, which is over 600 more than our first Chat 2 Aspire campaign that we ran in 2019!  

We heard from residents living in 60 different Aspire neighbourhoods, with representation from a wide range of different lifestyles, ages, and accommodation types 

We asked our customers about 3 main areas.  

  1. Do you feel a sense of belonging in their neighbourhood? 
  1. Do you feel safe in their neighbourhoods? 
  1. Do you care about being involved in their neighbourhoods? 

We were happy to learn that the majority of our customers in all our locality areas agree that they feel like they belong, feel safe and care about being involved in their neighbourhood, with the percentage agreeing ranging from a low of 53% to a high of 74%. The North West had the highest percentages of customers feeling positive about the 3 areas we asked about.  

We know that belonging, safety and caring about being involved are closely linked - people who feel safer are often more likely to feel like they belong and feeling unsafe can often lead to less engagement and increased isolation. Because of this, we're committed to looking at these 3 factors together, and how we can work to improve neighbourhoods in a holistic way.


What our customers told us:

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This feedback is going to be used to develop our Locality Plans and the ways in which we can manage your neighbourhoods better. We will be sharing these plans with our customers soon and getting in touch about how we can work in partnership with customers and community partners on delivering these Locality Plans. 

You can access our full Chat 2 Aspire survey report here where you can see more of our in-depth study on the results we have gathered. 

We would like to thank everyone who took part in the latest Chat 2 Aspire survey. Your feedback strongly helps us to analyse and improve our services so that we can do better for our customers. 

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