Learn how Aspire respects your privacy

You have a right to know the information that Aspire holds about you. This includes:
  • What information we hold.

  • What we use the information for.

  • Who we have disclosed the information to.

  • Who we may disclose the information to.

To obtain this information, please submit a 'data subject access request (DSAR).'
Upon receiving your request, we'll contact you to verify your identity and information. Aspire then has one month to respond and provide the requested information. In complex or high-volume cases, we may extend this period by two months with prior notice.
We will provide the requested information in your preferred format, whether electronic or paper. Please note that we will remove personally identifiable details of other individuals. In some cases, we may withhold information if it could still identify others.
Should you disagree with our decision, you have a right to register a complaint with the Information Commissioner's Office. To do so, kindly reach out to them at:

Submitting a request

To submit a data subject access request, click the button below. 


If you have any queries, please contact us at: dpo@aspirehousing.co.uk

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