Over the past 18 months, we have been using the internet and going online more for working from home, video calls, and more. As we live in a world where we use this a lot, we felt it was important to provide sessions for people in our Community Living Schemes who may not know how to use it as well as others.

Over the past couple of months, we have been holding #Let’sGetDigital sessions with Realise Charity and Wavemaker for our Community Living Scheme residents to develop their knowledge and expand their learning digitally, showing them how to make video calls, and helpful information on dealing with this when out and about.

Here are some photos from the sessions:

         64-1                                                                                                        5            2-4

We’re happy to say that these sessions are having a genuine impact on our customers, and it's great to see how they have developed with each session! One of our customers, an 86-year-old, even went out and bought a smartphone by herself 😊

We also received an amazing donation of Chromebook laptops from Staffordshire County Council!


Here is some lovely feedback from one of our customers who has been attending the sessions:

aspire feedback - HD 1080p-1
aspire feedback 2 - HD 1080p-1

Keep on the lookout for updates on our #LetsGetDigital sessions on our social media platforms!

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