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Aspiring for a Greener Future

We’re delighted to publish our first Sustainability Strategy. It’s an evolutionary blueprint for ensuring a sustainable future for our business, our homes, our people and our communities. 

Although our homes are the biggest emitter of carbon, and will require significant investment to achieve net zero by 2050, this framework applies across the group to direct the way we operate and who we will work with going forward. Environmental Sustainability will be at the heart of our decision-making, recognising that we face a climate emergency and that the time to take action is now. We want our residents, learners and colleagues to see the impact we are having on reducing our emissions and creating a more sustainable place to work, learn and live. 

Measuring our environmental impact

SHIFT stands for Sustainable Homes Index For Tomorrow and is an assessment which calculates how well a business is doing around environmental factors. Last year, we commissioned the first SHIFT assessment and are planning the next in April 2022.

SHIFT covers the full range of environmental impacts across 21 criteria, including carbon dioxide emissions, water use, landfill waste, biodiversity, and response to climate change risks. This ensures we have a complete understanding of the changes you can make to reduce the organisation's environmental impact and improve it's sustainability standards.


The areas of a business that SHIFT covers are:
  • Existing properties - assessing the sustainability of existing asset management.
  • New build standards - benchmarking the standard to which an organisation builds new properties.
  • Leadership and strategy - demonstrating an organisational commitment to sustainability.
  • Supply chain - looking at our biggest suppliers.

Last year, we gained a bronze accreditation which is great, however, we know that we can improve. You can read more about the full results in the report.

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