On Friday 14th September, we are proud to take part in the Placeshapers #wecareday campaign.

We Care Day is part of the PlaceShapers 2018 campaign that focuses on how we care for people, our communities and the range of caring activities that our customers engage in on a daily basis. This focus also helps to uncover the true scale of our work, the breadth of the care services we provide and the impact we’re having on people’s everyday lives. It shows:

  • We provide high-quality core services
  • We provide a broad and flexible range of services
  • We’re driven by social purpose
  • We operate at a national scale
  • We collaborate and work in partnership

Sinéad Butters PlaceShapers chair, and CEO of Aspire, said: “Up and down the country We Care Day focuses on the rich diversity of ways that our members care for people and communities. Whilst we take great care in providing high-quality homes that are safe and well maintained, we also focus on the people who live in them, working with them and our wider partners to ensure we provide what’s needed. We Care shows what this means on a day-to-day basis. We asked members to pledge hours on the PlaceShapers Care-ometer and quickly raised our 1000 hour target with the total moving upwards daily.” The target was smashed and now stands at 2872.

Many of our colleagues volunteered in various activities throughout the day. Collectively, Aspire Housing reached 142 volunteering hours, but are still counting… These activities include car park cleaning, litter picks with a local school, a cake bake, dementia friendly training and awareness, door to door visits handing out cakes and treats, and more.

We Care day Infograpic

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