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Lockdown has been hard for many people. In some cases, this is due to hard times career-wise or being made redundant. At Aspire, we want to make sure we help our customers as much as we can. Our Aspire to Work service, delivered by PM Training, provides us with the opportunity to support our customers with their Employment and Skills

Our Employment and Skills team offers customers individual help with things that they may need in order to achieve a career they are aiming for. It also offers our ongoing support, should you need it. This is a great way to develop your learning and get back into employment.  


For Aspire tenants, from PM Training! We can help you: 

  • Find job opportunities  

  • Write your CV – what needs to be included, structuring 

  • Complete job applications 

  • Prepare for interviews  

  • Find work placements – good locations, great companies, suited to your interests 

  • Find courses  

  • Find apprenticeships – suited to you interests 

  • Apply for grant funding 

employment and skills

Our customers who have been involved have gained employment quickly, developed their strengths and recognised their weaknesses and expanded their training and skills.  

Would you like to get involved with Aspire to Work? Please call us on 01782 635200 or email us to get in touch. 


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