Our Aspire to Work service, has helped people to improve their careers and reach their goals. Take a look at some of the lovely people we have helped and their journey of getting to where they are today.


Ana is a young woman with learning difficulties and Autism. She was previously a student at a local special needs college. This programme had led to her successfully gaining employment but, unfortunately, this open and very busy employment opportunity proved to be too demanding for Ana and her job offer was rescinded after just 5 months. Ana was emotionally shattered.

After being involved in our Employment and Skill service, Ana successfully achieved her level 1 qualification and was exited from the programme as a result of her training outcome.

Craig P

When Craig was referred to the Employment and Skills programme, he had been out of work for almost 9 months. Craig last worked as a gardener for a housing association, but he felt he was bullied when he worked here, and he started developing anxiety and confidence issues. Craig did not enjoy the workplace and was in the process of looking for a new job. Craig’s main interest is within the gardening, horticulture sector.

Through our service, Craig managed to enrol onto a City and Guilds level 2 course at Reaseheath College and eventually completed his PA1 and PA6 certificate and feels positive that he is taking the right steps to get to where he wants to be.


David was referred to the Employment & Skills Team by his work coach after he had recently been made redundant after 34 years of continuous employment at a senior level within one organisation. Whilst David had a CV that was relevant to his previous career, it was very specific. His adviser had to explain to him that this document would need completely rewriting to maximise his employment opportunities.

With our help, David has now successfully gained employment with G4S and is working as a security guard at Hanley Job Centre. David was very clear that he could not have achieved this outcome without the help he was given by his Employment & Skills advisor.


Elliott was referred to our Employment and Skills team by his jobcentre work coach. Elliott has no permanent address and was referred to the project as he needed support to find accommodation and employment. Elliott suffers from anxiety and depression; he has issues being around large crowds. Elliott has worked as a cleaner, his ideal career choice is in security. Elliott understands he needs to gain an SIA licence and experience.

Through supporting Elliott during lockdown, Elliott managed to secure a job as a cleaner and is currently working 16 hours a week. 


Morgan is 33 and is educated to degree level. Morgan has never been in a paid job but has volunteered for various local organisations including CAB. He accessed Employment and Skills to gain our support in improving his mental well-being and help in getting him on the right career path. His depression and anxiety were affecting his mental wellbeing and being in most social situations.

Now, Morgan has improved his employability skills including CV development, job application forms and he is more than able to prepare for a job interview. 

Mr. M

Mr M was referred to the Employment & Skills Team by his Jobcentre Work Coach. Mr M had recently come out of prison after serving 4 years and was aware that this was going to be his biggest barrier. He was getting support from the Probation Service and getting training through them but he didn’t have a CV and he didn’t know how to explain his criminal record to his employers or what to do with the employment gap on his CV.

Now, once he started applying for jobs, he had secured a permanent full time within 1 month of sending his CV out. Mr M is now a heavy goods delivery driver and has further expanded his training to include industrial waste products – which we paid 50% of for him.


Natalie was referred to Kay by Julie Topham, Income Recovery Team. Natalie is a level 3 Nursery Practitioner but not working at the moment, she has advised she needs to find any kind of work as money is extremely tight; her partner is a grounds worker and doesn’t get paid when he doesn’t work, he relies on people to pick him up to take him to work so if people let him down with lifts he doesn’t get paid. 

With support from our Employment and Skills team, Natalie successfully gained employment with a local childcare provider. It was suggested that Natalie would need suitable workwear for her new job so work shoes and comfortable trousers were also purchased using the Realise Barriers Funding.


Sarah is an Aspire tenant. Sarah was working as a part-time cleaner in a local Public House where she had been employed for the previous three years. In March 2020 she was furloughed due to a lack of work as a result of the COVID pandemic.

Sarah has started a new cleaning job at the ASDA George Depot in Newcastle. Her hours of work were 6:00 am to 9:30 am Monday to Friday, she enjoyed her first shift and things were going well.
Sarah was exited from the programme but we agreed to continue to offer further help as required through the Aspire to Work programme once she had settled into her new job.


Thomas is 31 and joined Work Routes in July 2018. He disclosed that he had not worked for over 10 years due to his ongoing and long-term mental health issues, suffering from anxiety and depression. He attended all of his initial appointments with his Mum. He admitted to lacking confidence and during these sessions presented as a very anxious individual.

Thomas was offered a temporary job and was so successful at this that his job offer was extended and made permanent. Thomas has sustained work with this employer ever since. His mother reports that he is physically much healthier and is mentally also in a much better place. He travels independently to and from work without any concerns and he enjoying much improved mental health. She said that the help and support from the Employment and Skills service had been life-changing for her son and appreciated everything that we had done to help him.

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