One of our Locality Coordinators, Amy Jones, has shared a story about anti-social behaviour and how it was solved:

"It had been reported to me by one neighbour that there had been several incidents relating to one address in the street.  They alleged that there had been thefts in the street perpetrated by local drug dealers and they were taking refuge in the flat.  The complainant had CCTV recordings of the individuals and had reported these incidents to the Police, however, nothing was ever followed up.

The Alleged Perpetrator denied allegations that he was involved in the ASB, however admitted that local drug dealers were knocking on his door wanting access to his flat and he would allow them to come in.  There had been damaged caused to the flat, particularly the front door which was caused by these visitors. 

Further complaints were made and more neighbours came forward about the visitors and reporting that class A drugs were being used in the street, taxi’s and other cars frequently visiting the address and leaving in a short period of time, a flat had been broken into and drug dealing had been witnessed.  All complainants were certain that the tenant was complicit in the ASB and did not make any effort to stop the incidents happening.

After further visits to the Alleged Perpetrator, I contacted the Police who said that there was not enough evidence for them to take action.  I therefore contacted Newcastle Borough Council to look at the possibility of a Community Protection Warning Notice (CPWN).  I also contacted Harmony Victim Support (mediation services) to support 3 of the complainants who lived alone and were particularly vulnerable. 

The CPWN was served on 25th May.  I contacted the complainants again and no further issues had been reported.  The individuals had been seen however no further issues and the case was closed."

If you have concerns regarding anti-social behaviour in your area, you can report it to us via online form or by simply contacting us to discuss what is going on and tackle ASB.

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