The Bradwell Great Get Together


The Great Bradwell Get Together will allow you to give your feedback to Aspire, support your community by getting involved in environmental projects, and gives you an opportunity to get a range of help and advice.

If you are an Aspire Housing resident on the following streets, we will collect 3 items per household for free.

We won't take fridges, TVs, oil and paint, building material, garden waste, general rubbish, gas bottles, microwaves, hazardous waste, and tyres.

Streets we will be covering

Shawport Ave

Bursley Way ( up to the school only)

Arnold Grove

Hillport Ave

Denry Crescent

Machin Crescent

The Cardway

Bradwell Lane

Turnhill Grove

Talke Road bungalows (7 in total )

Dayson Place Flats

Oldcastle Av

Handbridge Av

Cauldon Av

Longshaw Ave

Calvert grove

Clare Ave

Knype Way

Knype Close

Moorthorne Crescent

Meet at…

St Barnabas Church Bradwell 

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