Unfortunately due to Covid-19 restrictions we're not currently hosting any events until further notice.

We'll be back hosting community events as soon as we can, until then keep in touch with us on Facebook and Twitter to see what events we're hosting virtually.

The Great Cross Heath & Knutton Get Together


The Great Cross Heath & Knutton Get Together will allow you to give your feedback to Aspire, support your community by getting involved in environmental projects, and gives you an opportunity to get a range of help and advice.

If you are an Aspire Housing resident on the following streets, we will collect 3 items per household for free.

We won't take fridges, TVs, oil and paint, building material, garden waste, general rubbish, gas bottles, microwaves, hazardous waste, and tyres.

Streets inluded are:

Cross Heath

  • Weston Close
  • Milehouse Ln
  • Wilmot Drive
  • Rogers Ave
  • Wilmot Close
  • Meadow Lane
  • Douglas Rd
  • Lymebrook Way
  • Archer Grove
  • Churchill Close
  • Comet Avenue
  • Crusader Rd
  • Centurion Cres
  • Ronaldsway Dr
  • Castletown Gr
  • Ramsey Road
  • Laxey Road
  • Albemarle Rd
  • Poplar Ave
  • Poplar Close
  • Poplar Court
  • King Street
  • Navigation Way
  • Orton Road
  • Ashfields Court
  • Hassam Ave
  • Roberts Avenue
  • Wilton Street

 Streets Kuntton

  • Arthur Street
  • Moran Road
  • Knutton Lane
  • Stanton Cl
  • Camillus Rd
  • St Vincents Pl
  • Church Lane
  • Knutton Lane
  • St Giles Road
  • St Johns Pl
  • St Bernards Rd
  • Cotswold Ave
  • Cleveland Rd
  • Mendip Place
  • Pennine Way
  • Chiltern Place
  • Pentland Grove
  • Cheviot Close
  • Cemetery Rd
  • Cemetery View
  • High Street
  • Gordon Street
  • Gordon Court
  • Peake Street
  • John Street


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