Can I install an electric vehicle (EV) charging point?

In order to be able to install an EV charging point you must have a designated, private off street parking space and be completed by an authorised installer. If this this is the case then we will give you permission to install a charger upon receiving your request.

How do I request permission?

You can request an alteration or improvement to your property by logging in filling in the form below. Once requested, a member of our asset team will be in touch: 

Do Aspire Housing plan to provide charging points on communal car parks?

Currently we have no plans to roll out Electric charging points (EV) on communal parking areas, however we are consistently reviewing options to increase the sustainability of our customers’ homes.

Are you installing EV charging points on new homes you build?

Yes. Part of current Building Regulations is a requirement all new build homes and buildings to have electric car charging points.

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