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What does an emergency repair include?

  • No power to the property
  • Gas leaks
  • No heating completely (1 November to 31 March only)
  • Blocked toilet  (you could be charged if the reason for toilet being blocked is due to nappies or other inappropriate materials having been flushed down them)
  • Water leaks – depending on severity
  • Property not secure due to damage to ground floor windows, making them easily accessible or an insecure external door
  • Tenant cannot gain access to the property due to lost keys (customers will be charged for or for the costs of lock replacement due to lost keys)
  • Fire alarm or smoke detector failure
  • Lifts not working
  • Communal lighting not working in flatted blocks

If you have an emergency repair call our 24/7 line on 01782 635200

  1. Repairs and maintenance

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