Aspire Housing has joined the Community Wealth Fund Alliance – campaigning for strategic, long-term funding to support the communities who need it the most.  

The Community Wealth Fund Alliance is a group of public, private and voluntary sector organisations and initiatives that are supporting the call for a new multi-billion pound national endowment to support deprived communities. 

By signing up, we are voicing our support for a new, radical and ambitious partnership between government, the private sector and civil society to ensure that every community shares in the country’s wealth. 

The alliance proposes that the fund should provide long-term investment of 10-15 years for communities, with local people in control of the spend to ensure it reflects their aspirations and creates a legacy of positive change in their areas. 

The fund would be financed by the next wave of dormant assets from insurance and pension policies, bonds, stocks and shares, matched with investment from the larger companies within the alliance. 

The Community Wealth Fund Alliance has now passed 100 members across the UK, and is quickly growing towards its next target of 300 members.  

Find out more here: 

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