The cost of living has been increasing across the UK. In May 2022, the annual rate of inflation was the highest it has been since 1982. Whether it's your weekly shop (grocery price inflation is the highest it has been in 10 years) or gas and electricity (which is going up by a sizeable amount) we are all feeling the pinch. 

Top tips to save money

Shop around 

Getting a better deal is really important to save money. This applies to your energy provider, internet provider and even which supermarket you shop with. Websites such as 'Compare the Market' or 'Go Compare' can be a real help lifesaver, just enter your details and they do the hard work for you and give you the best deal for free. Some comparison websites even offer things like discounted cinema tickets or money off takeaways. 

Change your brands whilst shopping

Each supermarket will have its own branded products which are always cheaper than external branded ones that are sold at a higher price. If you are out food shopping, opt for these instead of purchasing brand names that are significantly higher in price. If you are finding that your weekly food shop is becoming a bit tight on the purse strings, opt for a cheaper supermarket.

Reduce your fuel and car share

Do you live near one of your colleagues from work? Are you meeting a friend locally? Car sharing could save you a fortune in fuel and also help the planet. 

Switch off

Do you keep your television on standby or leave a few lights on around the house? Turn those switches off and you could save yourself a few hundred pounds every year. 

Keep in the loop with support available 

It's a scary time for everyone and we have had to learn how to cut back on our finances. There are loads of websites offering support and advice during this crisis. You can also find more useful support around the cost of living crisis on our web page here. 

As an Aspire Housing customer, we want you to feel well during this time. If you feel like you need additional mental health support, you can see our page here and check out a range of useful apps and helplines available. 


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