This May, we're jumping on board with the awesome No Mow May campaign to help spruce up our green spaces and give a warm welcome to some much-needed wildlife!

Did you know that since the 1930s, we've waved goodbye to a staggering 97% of flower-rich meadows? Yep, you heard that right. And that means our buzzing buddies like bees and fluttering friends like butterflies are feeling the pinch when it comes to finding food.

But fear not! By letting some of our grass grow a bit longer and letting those wildflowers do their thing, we're not just helping out the critters, we're also tacklingLetting it grow circle signage v1@2x pollution and even sneaking away some carbon underground. How cool is that?

Our Grounds Maintenance team is totally on board, too. Throughout May, they'll be leaving about 25% of our usual mowed areas to let nature take its course. Picture it: patches of flourishing greenery bordered by neatly trimmed lawns. It's like giving Mother Nature a high-five!

And hey, if you've got a lawn of your own, why not join in the fun? You don't have to go all out – even just a small section can make a big difference. With over 20 million gardens in the UK, every little bit counts! Plus, letting those wild plants have a moment in the spotlight can do wonders for nature, our communities, and the planet.

So, what do you say? Ready to let those lawnmowers take a well-deserved break and let the wildflowers shine? Check out more about #NoMowMay over at Plantlife's website and let's make this May the wildest one yet!

Here's the link for more info: Plantlife No Mow May

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