We love to get feedback from our customers, whether it’s because we're doing well or because we haven’t got it quite right. We also have legal obligations to tell you how well we are doing against key measures set by Government.

Previously we have shared our STAR satisfaction results in our annual report and on our website, but this year the Regulator of Social Housing has introduced some new measures called Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs) that we have adopted instead.  These measures are compulsory for us to collect, and because all other social housing providers will be sharing their results too you can compare our results against theirs.

What are the Tenant Satisfaction Measures? 


22 Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs) now form part of wider regulation of social housing, and have been introduced following the tragic events of the Grenfell fire in 2017.


These measures were developed following a large-scale consultation exercise with tenants and landlords that took place in 2021/22:

  • 12 are perception measures -  and are collected from a customer satisfaction survey, very similar to the STAR survey we used before. Examples of topics within the survey include your overall satisfaction with Aspire, how well we are doing on repairs, how safe you feel your home is,  if we listen to you and act,  and whether we make a positive contribution to your neighbourhood.  The full set of questions can be found here.

  • 10 are management information measures that cover building safety, repairs performance, complaints and anti-social behaviour. Most of these we already report to customers and to the Regulator.


Who takes part in the survey?


Customers are selected at random throughout the year to take part,  so you may receive a telephone call or email - if you haven’t already! As well as being randomly selected, we use statistics to make sure that we survey enough people to be confident that our results represent our overall customer population.


The survey also gives you the opportunity to leave comments, and these are invaluable in helping us understand what we are doing well and how we can get better.  


Your responses will never affect your tenancy and you can opt to keep your responses confidential - so you can rest assured that you can be completely honest with your feedback.  


Where will I be able to find out Aspire’s TSM results?


​​​As well as acting on customer feedback during the year, we will share our annual results with customers and the Regulator each summer.  The first report will be in the summer of 2024 - we’ll let customers know when they are published on the website.  


You can find out more information about the Tenant Satisfaction Measures and why they are important for social housing customers on the Regulator for Social Housing’s website here.


We are grateful for all feedback - whether it’s through the new TSM survey or one of other surveys and feedback channels.  Don’t forget, you can leave us feedback at any time via our website here.


​​​We will then share these at the end of the reporting period in our annual report and on our website.

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