A Story of Collaboration and Support

Working collaboratively is one of Aspire Housings' key values. It's amazing to share how working together can make a huge difference and truly help to transform lives.

This case study is about a family that received the much-needed assistance and care that their personal circumstances required, through the collaborative support of various teams working together, ensuring that they were able to find happiness within their new home.

Kelly, one of our Locality Coordinators, played a key role in assisting this new prospective resident who was facing some significant and difficult personal challenges. 

The Initial Challenge:

An elderly gentleman and his teenage grandson, found themselves placed in a difficult situation due to health and safety concerns at their previous home.  Unfortunately, they needed to be rehomed due to their current home being classified as unsafe, and leaving them potentially homeless. The family also faced further complications when the grandson, who was awaiting a crucial medical operation, was advised that they could only proceed with the medical procedure once suitable housing had been secured.

Our North West colleague acted quickly after realising the seriousness of the issue, actively engaging and collaborating with partners, they implemented a series of measures and embarked on a mission to improve the lives of this vulnerable pair. 

To ensure a smooth and stress-free process, the team went above and beyond. They supported the signing of necessary documents and agreements at their new home.

Understanding the significance of a safe and comfortable living environment, immediate referrals were made to provide essential items for their home. The team3-Jun-06-2023-12-25-26-6631-PM arranged for a bed, mattress, and cooker, ensuring the duo had the necessities for their daily lives. Due to the difficult financial situation, the team secured supermarket vouchers, granting them access to vital groceries and helping them meet their immediate needs.

Creating a warm and welcoming space was another priority. Referrals were made for carpets and curtains, transforming the new residence into a comforting haven, and a place they could truly call home.

Recognising the need for ongoing support, the team connected the gentleman and his grandson with the Vulnerability HUB, ensuring they would receive personalized assistance and care tailored to their unique circumstances.

The team enlisted the assistance of our Money Advice Team (MAT), understanding the financial hardship they were facing. MAT assisted with housing claims for Housing Benefits and Universal Credit, explored options for Discretionary Housing Payments, and provided support with a Personal Independence Payment (PIP) claim. Painting and decorating

These efforts ensured the family had access to the resources necessary to navigate their new life.

The North West team also gave significant attention to the finer details, recognising the vital importance of having an easy move into their new home. Our team arranged for the repairs team to decorate the new flat shortly after the sign-up process.

With the complexities of the grandson's medical condition and requirements, the team expanded their support network, reaching out to support workers from the hospital, who applied to charities on their behalf. This support aimed to secure financial assistance for moving costs and other essential items, relieving the family of any unnecessary burdens and allowing them to focus on the grandson's health and well-being.

The spirit of collaboration extended beyond the internal teams. Colleagues from FARS (Family Accommodation and Resettlement Service) joined forces with a Housing Officer to facilitate the move. Together, they ensured that larger items were safely transported to the new home, providing the elderly gentleman and his grandson with a comfortable and settled new start.

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