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Can I keep pets in my home?

You will need to write to us for permission to have a pet in your property and our Neighbourhood team will review your request and write back with an outcome.

Where practical we would like to allow customers to keep domestic pets, but recognise that the keeping of pets brings considerable responsibility, not only for the pet, but also for those in the surrounding area who may be affected by its presence.

We understand that not all homes are a suitable environment in which to house a pet. This is particularly relevant to the housing of cats and dogs in flats with shared entrances and communal areas.

Restriction for keeping pets

We will not generally give permission for keeping pets where the animal is likely to:

  • Cause damage or harm to the premises;
  • Represent a danger or hazard to other residents or visitors or are covered by the Dangerous Wild Animals Act (DWAA) of 1976;
  • Cause a nuisance to other tenants;
  • Adversely affect the re-letting of the premises or subsequent tenants.
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