Job interviews require a lot of preparation. Creating a good first impression is what the interviewer will gage about you and how you present yourself. Here are some points on how to prepare for this.

Be presentable

What you choose to wear is absolutely crucial part of the interview, you should be looking smart and clean. As said before with this being the first time you meet face to face with someone from the company that first impression is important.

Study your CV

Any work experience or skills you’ve mentioned on your CV should be brought up during the interview. The CV is all the interviewer has to go by to get to know you, so it’s important that you bring valuable information to light. The interviewer may also pick out things from it and ask you to elaborate further. This means knowing your CV from top to bottom. Find out the most common questions asked in an interview and practice how you’d like to answer. You should be ready to answer the common questions like “Tell me about yourself” and “Why do you think you would be great for this job?”.

Research the company

Prepare questions to ask the interviewer, linking to the company or job to show you’re taking a heavy interest in what’s being offered to you. However, you should never ask questions just for the sake of asking, you should ask the questions you genuinely want the answer to.

Be on time

The worst thing to do is not arrive on. Get there early and be prepared to wait for the interviewer to ask for you. Being early will show your eagerness to get started.

Follow these tips and you will successfully know how to prepare for a job interview. For more help with your career, interview tips, CV writing and more, find out more about Aspire to Work and how we can help you!

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